Hey, I'm BlackHatJess and I've been in the biggest Yahoo game since 2014.
Though the big boys are few, there are actually a good number of us that have conquered the G.Boy world without trace, cashing out millions of $$$ in the darkweb while looking completely innocent in the eyes of everyone. We choose to stay anonymous to avoid the kind of problems Mompha and Hushpuppi are being entangled in.
Nonetheless, Hushpuppi wasn't even caught due to his lavish lifestyle. We all own expensive/luxurious shits too but we know how to look clean while flexing it. He was also sloppy with his recent gig and this almost exposed the inner transactions.

One of our game changers (Hushpuppi & his crew) is being scrutinized but should that make us pack up and go hungry? Hell No! We simply learn from his mistakes and strengthen our game. Hence, we are looking to expand our operations by showing others the robes. We want to bring onboard a few more zealous folks that are ready to brutally scrub the web of its monetary wealth/fortunes and grow rich like Hushpuppi without getting caught.

You will learn how to get into the systems, wire the funds, make it untraceable, erase your digital fingerprints and get rid of any trails that can suggest you were ever there! And no, you won't need to do any fetish sacrifice in order to hit it big. Neither will you need to be a computer programming expert. We will just show you what buttons to push and when to push it! Leave all those petty chicken-change scams coz its time to play the big boys game and show these mofos how baddass you can get.